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Teacher Resources

Resource Organization

  • Organize workload into different virtual group of Resources

  • Create Access Management and Cost Management policies for the virtual group

  • Deploy workload to a region closest to where end users are

  • Deploy workload to minimize network Egress traffic

Access Governance

  • Identity is the new perimeter in the cloud

  • Implement Zero Trust Model

  • Contextual Identity and Access Management

  • Threat Modeling to prevent unauthorized access

Credit Assessment

Cost Governance

  • Cost Control

    • Set up cost limits​

    • Set up Resource limits

  • ​Cost Tracking

    • Detect Cost overrun and Alert Administrator​

    • Prepare weekly Cost Analysis Report


  • Cloud Security Posture Management​

  • Cloud Monitoring

  • Availability Monitoring​

  • Performance Monitoring

  • Security Monitoring​

  • Cloud Logging

  • Security Logging​

  • Application Logging

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